Our Team

Sashi Moorman

Sashi Moorman has worked in the food and wine industry for more than 20 years. Provignage is the culmination of his belief that the philosophy of the old world vigneron can be applied to and enhanced by bringing together entrepreneurial spirit, traditional winemaking, and authentic storytelling. Sashi is deeply grateful to work alongside the talented team at Provignage and the dedicated agriculturists, proprietors and partners that are his friends and colleagues.

Sashi Moorman is the CEO at Provignage, and managing partner at Domaine de la Côte, Sandhi Wines, and Evening Land Vineyards.

Rajat Parr

Raj Parr is a James Beard award-winning author, wine professional, and globally celebrated sommelier. After professionally training as a chef in Calcutta, India, Raj headed to the United States and graduated from the Culinary Institute of America at Hyde Park, where he ultimately discovered his passion for wine.

With a deep desire to pursue the cellar over the kitchen, Raj ventured to San Francisco to join the team at Rubicon, a respected wine-focused restaurant founded by Master Sommelier Larry Stone. Raj quickly rose in the ranks and became a student of Stone. At Rubicon, Raj honed his wine knowledge and tasting skills, eventually leaving to take over... the wine program at San Francisco’s landmark Fifth Floor restaurant, then moving to join chef Michael Mina as wine director of Mina’s eponymous restaurant. By the end of his trajectory with Mina, Raj oversaw the wine programs at over 20 restaurants across the country. 

Eternally fascinated by wine and the many facets of its industry, Raj frequently traveled to European wine regions, as well as made use of his proximity to California wine country. After a few partnerships with close winemaker friends at their respective cellars, Raj slowly but surely transitioned from sommelier to producer. 

Raj eventually crossed paths with Sashi Moorman, and upon discovering their mutual interest in unearthing the next level of California winemaking, Sandhi was born in 2011. Three years later, the pair took over the historic and acclaimed Seven Springs Estate Vineyard in the Eola-Amity Hills of Oregon. Today, Raj is a founding partner, proprietor, and winemaker for Sandhi, Domaine de la Côte, and Evening Land Vineyards.

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DJ Bilsky

DJ was born and raised in New Jersey by a family who believed in​ the importance of food. Wherever their busy lives took them, a meal​ at the end of the day brought the family together, which he took to​ heart. This led to DJ’s first job at a fine dining restaurant, juggling​ responsibilities as a prep cook, back waiter, and assistant to the​ pastry chef.

Design was another interest, so he pursued​ architecture, studio art, and environmental studies in college and​ after graduation. Through it all, though, DJ remained drawn to food,​ so much so that he returned to the very same restaurant where he​ started. This second stint sparked his interest in wine.... Customers​ would bring fine wines from their own cellars, which the staff,​ including DJ, could taste and discuss. He knew he wanted to learn​ more.

Working for one of the best wine retailers in New Jersey—where he developed his palate and his understanding of wines, as​ well as the beauty of their differences—was an eye-opening​ experience. Yet he was still searching for what could satisfy his​ passions—producing, creating, and evolving. Enter wine​ production. In 2018, DJ worked his first harvest as a winery intern.​ He was hooked. Following that harvest, he took a full-time position​ at the same winery and moved his life out to Santa Barbara County.

DJ became a leader in the winery, moving from “cellar rat” to​ Assistant Winemaker, though after five years, he wanted to explore​ different winemaking techniques and decided it was time for a​ change. This ultimately led him to Provignage, where he is now​ Sandhi Winemaker. He could not be happier to be working with such​ great vineyards and fantastic wines. Here at Provignage, he​ appreciates the uniqueness of wines produced, not to mention their​ place at the table—where the team comes together to reflect.

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Carrie Steinmeyer
DTC Sales Associate

Carrie has been working with Sandhi for the past four years in direct sales and customer service. Her background in customer service and passion for hospitality led her to Sandhi, where she finds daily joy in connecting with guests and creating wine concierge experiences that are uniquely catered to each client. In her role, Carrie seeks to add a special dash of human touch to each interaction made, whether by phone, email, or face to face. She consistently goes above and beyond so that... each Sandhi guest feels like a part of the family when purchasing wines or visiting the cellar.

When not at her desk, Carrie enjoys playing with her kids, running, eating good food, and enjoying a nice glass of wine. She currently lives in Charleston with her husband, Andrew, and her two kids, Walker 
and Caroline.

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Adam Etchegoyen
DTC Sales and Hospitality

While working in the kitchen for celebrity chef Fabio Viviani, Fabio approached Adam and said, You don’t stop talking about wine and we need a Beverage Manager, I think you’d be great. Adam embraced the local Santa Barbara Wine Country just north of the restaurant, and built lifelong relationships within the wine community. Ultimately, he wanted to go further down the rabbit hole of the wine world. Next stop was wine-centric Aspen Colorado, where he worked at David Burke’s Aspen Kitchen, Hotel Jerome and Jimmy’s, until he... settled at the iconic Aspen Casa Tua, where he took the wine program to new heights.

After starting a family, Adam decided to go back home to California and work with the wines that inspired his career 13 years prior–wines that he considers the best in the world. When Adam is not tasting wine, he’s spending his time riding bikes, disc golfing and being wrapped around his daughter’s little finger.

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Amy Johnson
Director of Trade Sales

Amy Johnson, our Trade Sales Director, is responsible for the network of our wholesale distribution partners in the United States. After developing a passion for wine on a trip to France and Germany many years ago, she found a part-time gig at a wine shop, bailed out of the corporate world, and has never looked back. She got her start in the industry with a five-year tenure at Vin Chicago, one of the city’s best independent wine retail chains, and then had the great fortune of working in distribution for Tenzing Wine and Spirits until 2021....

When not working, Amy can be found cheering (often in vain) for the Chicago Cubs, cooking, working in the garden, and planning her next travel adventure. She lives in Chicago with her partner, Gina, and their dog, Willow. A Midwesterner through and through, Amy is a connoisseur of encased meats, Italian Beef, and thin-crust tavern-style pizza. She is proud and privileged to be part of the exceptional team at Sandhi.

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Darren Palace
National Sales Manager

Darren is a deep thinker who loves building relationships through wine. Born in northern New Jersey and raised with strong Italian-Irish roots, he developed a deep respect and admiration for family and tradition. Food and wine drew Darren’s family together often, and it’s here he fell in love with it’s power to connect loved ones and friends. Having a head for numbers and a passion for art, Darren gained degrees in Finance and Art, but his passion for wine remained. In 2007, by request of a friend hoping to pursue “serious enology in Brooklyn,” Darren quit his finance career to help open Red Hook Winery. He immersed himself in... every aspect of winemaking, eventually becoming Assistant Winemaker and General Manager. Eight years later he expanded his work to the west coast, from helping to make wine in the iconic Napa Valley to representing California and Oregon Pinot Noir & Chardonnay through Failla Wines. With wine always as the catalyst, Darren's talent in building relationships continued to be his focus. Now serving as National Sales Manager for Sandhi, Evening Land, Domaine de la Côte and Piedrasassi he is furthering his reach in the wine industry and beyond.

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Julia Wiggin
California Market Manager

Julia moved to Santa Barbara in 2011 to attend Westmont College, where she received her Bachelor’s Degree in French Studies. Originally from San Jose, Julia first fell in love with the culture surrounding food and wine while studying abroad in Paris in 2014. In addition to her passion for French culture and language, Julia discovered first hand how food and wine could bring people together. Since then, she has dedicated her professional life to wine and hospitality....

After graduating in 2015, Julia worked at Santa Barbara Winery, followed by The Lark in Santa Barbara. In 2017, she returned to France to work harvest for Nico Potel at Domaine de Bellene, followed by Domaine Camille Thiriet. Julia has been with Provignage since 2018 and shares the same deep passion and inspiration for European culture as Raj and Sashi. She began hosting private visits and events in the cellar, then officially joined our winemaking team in 2020. Today, she lives in Santa Barbara, California, where she enjoys cooking with local produce, listening to new podcasts, and enjoying the great outdoors.

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Sean Magruder
Content Partner/Wine Educator

Provignage Content Partner and Sandhi Wine Educator Sean was fascinated with geography and storytelling at an early age. Born and raised in Tempe, Arizona, he earned his bachelor’s degree in political science at Arizona State University but found a passion for craft beverages working in the local coffee scene. That caffeine-fueled experience proved transformative, literally and figuratively opening his eyes to a world enriched by sensory analysis and place-driven food and drink. After moving to the California Central Coast in 2018, Sean's wine career began in a tasting room near San Luis Obispo. Pouring wine steps from the beach wasn't a tall order, and before long... it grabbed his full attention. He earned the WSET-3 Award in Wines in 2019 and the following year began writing copy for SLO-based Stephen Ross Wine Cellars. 2021 and 2022 found him working as a floor sommelier at Satellite Santa Barbara while expanding his writing portfolio. Both years Sean also assisted the Provignage winemaking team in California, where he particularly enjoyed working with Syrah, a wine that caught his attention after a brief internship with SLO winemaker Mike Sinor in 2019. Today, he enjoys reading a good piece of non-fiction, playing the piano, and exploring the natural beauty of Santa Barbara County, where the unique geography, geology, wines and spirit of the Central Coast continue to inspire him.

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