Red White Sparkling

Raj Parr Wine Glass 2-pack


Far from flashy, grape-specific stemware, Raj favors a hand-crafted design for more immersive and inclusive tasting.

Raj partnered with New York based Glasvin to design his ideal universal glass.

Introducing the RAJ Glass: designed to taste and drink all wines – young and old, sparkling, white, pink, red and orange ­­– objectively and expressively. The RAJ Glass does not just accompany any wine - it uplifts and celebrates wines with precision and elegance.

Designed to have a wide, snifter-like bowl that tapers to a narrow rim, for the purest expression of the wine. It suits a quaffable natural wine, aged Burgundy or Barolo, and everything in between. The unique shape brings a wine’s aromas and texture into focus as they travel through the bowl, and the narrow rim drops the wine perfectly on the tip of the tongue. With a shorter stem (1.5”) and lower center of gravity, the RAJ Glass will stay upright, so you can move around the cellar, your kitchen while cooking, or get comfortable at home with ease.

Our team recommends hand washing each glass with the utmost care, and to refrain from placing them in the dishwasher. We will gladly accept replacement requests within a 30-day window from the date of delivery.

Weight: 1.5lb

Product Dimensions:  width (bowl): 3.31in, width (opening): 1.91in, height (base to top): 6.18in



Bowl width

Base to top height

Opening width

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