Series #6: Daniel Boulud


BALANCING ACT Video Segments

Daniel Boulud
Descriptor for video in full: Rajat Parr, sits down with Michelin-star chef and restaurateur, Daniel Boulud, to find out about his early wine experiences, how young American winemakers could make European quality wines, and how he makes an All-American classic with a French twist.

01:23 – 01:45 Why Burgundy and the Rhone are his favorite regions in France
01:53 – 02:19 First Wine Epiphany
02:20 – 03:05 Wine is a part of his life from 3 years old
03:11 – 03:50 No “Cocktail” Wines
04:04 – 04:28 Americans can make European wines
05:01 – 05:20 Career Advice
06:28 – 07:06 What is Balance?
07:19 – 08:18 What is a French Burger?

Series #5: Kermit Lynch


Series #4: Veronique Drouhin

Series #3: Jim Clendenen of Au Bon Climat

Rajat Parr, sits down with visionary and iconic winemaker, Jim Clendenen, the “mind behind” Au Bon Climat, to find out about his early influences, why Santa Maria is the right appellation for him, and the lack of media attention to sustainable, organic vineyard farming.

1:16 Early career experiences show Pinot Noir has great potential in Santa Barbara County
2:16 Trip to Burgundy teaches importance of “natural winemaking”
2:58 Jim’s “wow factor”
5:04 Santa Rita Hills vs. Santa Maria Valley
7:01 Organic farming not interesting to the press
8:07 Where is the wine industry heading in the next 20 years?
8:50 What is Balance?
10:11 Great pinot noir according to Jim

For Immediate Release – Sommelier Rajat Parr Debuts Web Series: Balancing Act with Rajat Parr

Series #2: Ted Lemon of Littorai


Rajat Parr talks to Ted Lemon of Littorai, the San Francisco Chronicle’s 2010 Winemaker of the Year, about making the best wine possible from any given region while staying true to its terroir.

Topics covered are: “We need to tease out what is unique about California regions like they do in Burgundy…” (1:26); “There is no ‘Holy Grail’ region for Pinot Noir” (3:21); The Biology of Terroir (5:14); Make What You Love (7:27); What is Balance? (8:56); Where are you going to be in 20 years? (10:46).

Trailer: Balancing Act with Rajat Parr


The series follows celebrated Sommelier Rajat Parr, as he interviews winemakers, chefs, sommeliers and other professionals and asks them each to illuminate for the audience their definition of balance.

“When we light a candle…that first spark; that is what this series should be.”

Series #1: Burt Williams of William Selyem


Rajat Parr sits down for a chat with Burt Williams, the iconic Pinot Noir maker and co-founder of Williams-Seleyem.
Topics covered are: Current State of Pinot Noir in California (1:35); On Choosing the Russian River Valley (2:20); What is so compelling about Pinot Noir? (3:03); Old World Classification (4:51); “I was real curious” (5:48); What is Balance? (6:45); Where will California be in the next 20 years? (8:46).


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